Big Data Analytics Consultancy


Our Understanding

Every business is interested in analyzing and improving the customer experience to result in improved customer satisfaction and increased customer value. The customer relationship processes and touch points need to be analyzed and improved.

Our Solution

IKAN proposes a consulting and analytics solution for you:

1. Process and analytics consulting to understand the current state based on workshops and data analysis, and to develop a future state based on customer benefits and organizational capability

  • Map out the customer processes for your customers, including customer-facing activities and internal workflows
  • Analyze customer data and processes (internal and external) to assess gaps, bottlenecks, issues and opportunities for improvement
  • Document the analysis and recommendations to enable business transformation of your Customer Value

2. Analytics solution prototyping to provide a “customer control room” to enable Customer Value Improvement for you based on up-to-date visibility of customer experience, internal process flows, and analytical insights

  • Collect data and prototype data-collection tools to track the performance of systems performance of activities such as throughput, cycle time, quality, etc., and results such as customer satisfaction.
  • Build a continually updated dashboard of the customer processes: a “customer control room”. This will include the provision of advanced analytics to continually analyze the data and provide actionable advice. In this way, the “customer control room” will provide you the tools required to rapidly locate and address customer problems, even before they result in complaints.

The solution provides end-to-end documentation, a prototype for systematic visibility of customer processes, and a transformation roadmap to enable your management to improve customer-facing operations and become more responsive.

Our Approach

IKAN proposes to execute such projects as follows:

1. Data collection

  • Map out the customer processes for your customers in a set of workshops conducted at your headquarters; validate the process internally in one selected location.
  • Get the customer view via workshops and interviews with selected customers.
  • Get data from you that pertains to your customers’ experience, processes, and customer value.

2. Data analysis

  • Assess data availability gaps (blind spots)
  • Develop tools to gather data in the blind spots, e.g., to assess website responsiveness from different locations using simulated user actions to time the system responsiveness.

Locate and size customer issues, bottlenecks, and opportunities

3. Plan for change

  • Build alternative scenarios and design hypotheses for changes in customer value
  • Assess the alternative scenarios and design hypotheses using data analysis tools
  • Conduct a set of workshops at your headquarters to determine the plan for change

4. Develop a systematic mechanism to drive the change

  • Develop an analytics systems prototype of a “customer control room” with dashboards and alerting that tracks your data. Advanced analytics will be applied to assess gaps and bottlenecks, generate targeted actionable advice, and monitor outcomes. This analytics capability collects and analyzes data to provide actionable insights for your management and commercial operations to drive the change
  • Conduct a workshop in your headquarters to demonstrate the “customer control room” prototype and discuss how the use of this analytics capability provides the mechanism to drive the change

5. Deliver the project report and conduct a workshop in your headquarters to present and discuss the report.