Consultancy Areas

We have many innovative new technologies to offer. Here is a selection:

Bio Sciences and Bio Engineering lab

Cheap water filter that removes all harmful soluable, insoluble and microbial contaminants from water like, arsenic, chromium, ecoli, and streptococci.

  • At a very low filtration costs per litre you have an affordable and simple to make filter that will be useful in developing countries both in rural and urban areas.
  • The diameter of the body and filter can be designed for different sized water outlets.

 Chemical Engineering Lab

Recycling of truck tyres to produce activated carbon and saving it from being burnt for fuel, which pollutes the air.

  • Raw material is a low cost abundantly material that is otherwise a major environmental hazard.
  • Process and trial products can be made available to us in 2 months.
  • The CAPEX for a basic commercial capacity plant is about INR10 million.
  • Uses of Activated Carbon: – Waste Water Treatment and Battery Electrodes.

Rural Technology Action Group RuTAG (RuTAG is a project of the Principal Scientific Advisor to GOI funded by Dept of Science and Technology.)

Solar dryer for agro produce like aonla, tomatoes, herbs, chillies and more.  

  • It achieves a temp of 90 Deg C and dries about 40kgs material in about 8hrs.
  • It has a normal green house effect double glass top heater in which air circulates. Heated air then goes into an oven with netted trays that hold the agro produce for drying.
  • A reflector can be added for more sunlight absorption.
  • Pebbles are placed at the bottom of the oven to absorb some heat for emission for night drying.
  • The hygiene of drying it in a closed oven is better than open air drying and the quality of the dried product is better than that by direct sunlight drying. This gives non-crimpling, non-blackish colour closer to original colour of produce as against crimpling and blackish colour of sundried produce.
  • This system can replace electric driers that use 10KW for every 10kg capacity.

Mechanical Engineering Lab

Magneto rheological abrasive flow finishing (mraff) for finishing titanium joints for human body in 1/4th the time of conventional methods to a finish of ra 27-95 as against a requirement of ra 100 by the medical industry.

  • This unique finishing technique being developed in the lab will achieve a finish of less than 30nm in 12-15hrs.
  • It involves the flow of specially designed fluid through a mould, which has a small gap with the object inside it for uniform force on all sides and uniform finish.

Aeronautical Lab

Ornithopters, are visual range, remote controlled mechanized birdlike UAVs.

  • Because of their deformable motion of wings their fuel life is double of equally weighing fixed wing and rotational wing UAV’s.
  • Their vibration is lesser too which aids having stable cameras and clearer visuals.
  • It can carry a max payload of 50gm
  • It can be made both as a line of sight operated model through a remote or an autonomous model guided by GPS.
  • The 1m span model has an endurance of 30mins for a payload of 50gms which is double of other types of UAV’s for the same payload.
  • Wings are made of polythene or parachute material, supported by bamboo for stiffness.

It has a few advantages over Quadcopters for surveillance:

  1. Because of birdlike look they are easily camouflaged
  2. They are less noisy
  3. Because of light weight they will not hurt people if they drop in a crowd

Some uses are:

  1. Pesticide Spraying
  2. Radiation Measurement
  3. Photographing Hazardous Areas
  4. Bird Scare on Fields and Airports
  5. Toys

Consultancy for manufacture of quadcopters and uav’s for security and other applications.

  • What any successful manufacture and sales of UAV needs is a strategic partnership between Aero, Electrical, Structural, Marketing and Maintenance teams.
  • They have developed an indigenous Auto Pilot with open source programming.

Design Programme Lab

Solar stills for distilling clean water especially in deserts, remote army locations, areas where only brackish water is available, and boat.

  • Produces 10lt/day desalinated and potable water with a 2sqm solar panel.

Bicycle mounted solar energy harvesting. Origamic structure solar panels for the bicycle triangular bars and carriers using rugged 10% eff solar cells.

  • During the day they can be opened out like a blooming flower and can charge mobiles of farmers and cook their food as well.
  • The solar panels mounted on the bicycle when opened generate 40W power to charge mobile phones, use LED lights for safety, and charge rechargeable batteries for use at night providing 6hrs lighting inside a house/hut.
  • Additional weight only 2kgs.
  • The mounted solar cookers heat 1lt of water in 2 hrs.
  • These units can be made like accessories for bicycles.

Bicycle accessories designed with innovation for convenience of milk & vegetable vendor.

  • Front Carrier
  • Rear Carrier
  • Basket
  • Expander
  • Profiler
  • Central container
  • Stand

Embedded thermo couple sensors for safety

  • They are able to give heat transfer data which is an earlier alarm to solely temp based sensors and then intelligent Ethernet connected systems can be started for fire safety earlier.

Geo Informatics Lab

Using total stations, GPS LIDARS simultaneously for aerial & ground mapping of areas and structures. This gives a 3D colour photocopy of the target with many applications such as:

  • Studying deviations from drawings of structures and roads (like banking)
  • Terrain or building modelling
  • City Planning
  • Solar Energy Potential of Rooftops
  • Extraction of Pole Like data on roads
  • 3D modelling of Humans for dress measurements
  • Quick 3D mapping of accident sites so that it can then be cleared for traffic
  • 3D modelling of exterior of vehicles for testing aerodynamics
  • 3D modelling of artefacts for virtual tour of museums & reconstruction of damaged ones
  • Land Consolidation

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