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How to Access Innovative Technologies | IKAN

How to Access Innovative Technologies

IKAN is uniquely positioned to bring you the latest innovations. Bringing the latest innovations to you requires knowledge of the entire process, from sowing the seed of an idea to launching a successful product or service. That is because, even though the entire process has not run its course when you get involved, anticipating what it will take to complete the process is important. That way you will have a great experience while evaluating and adopting the new technology.

Innovation shorn of its glamour is a lot of work. Creativity is not the moment of inspiration alone, it is also the culmination of years of observing, reflecting and learning.

From identifying a need and conceiving an idea to developing it  through various stages till it is ready for basic validation. And when the basic validation milestone is passed to developing it further to a stage where the entrepreneurs and industry can evaluate it.

There is a lot of diligence and hard work that goes into creating an innovation even before it sees the light of day as being an option under consideration as a feature in a product or a service.

And that effort must continue to take an innovation from the laboratory to the market place. And IKAN is well placed to make that happen.

IKAN will help you access, invest in and adopt innovative new technologies.

We will help with:

  • Determining the suitability of the technology for your context
  • Establishing milestones in further technology development
  • Establishing milestones in adoption
  • Knowing and managing the risks involved
  • Leveraging the opportunities presented by the innovation to the fullest extent
  • Integration with your existing systems
  • Financial aspects
  • Legal issues

IKAN has the experts to do all that and you do not have to manage a team of diverse independent persons.

A key strength at IKAN is the ability of diverse talents to work as a team very effectively.

We look forward to helping you access innovative new technologies.

Please use the form here to get started.