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Ornithopters | IKAN



  • Because of their deformable motion of wings their fuel life is double of equally weighing fixed wing and rotational wing UAV’s.
  • Their vibration is lesser too which aids having stable cameras and clearer visuals.
  • It can carry a max payload of 50gm
  • It can be made both as a line of sight operated model through a remote or an autonomous model guided by GPS.
  • The 1m span model has an endurance of 30mins for a payload of 50gms which is double of other types of UAV’s for the same payload.
  • Wings are made of polythene or parachute material, supported by bamboo for stiffness.

It has a few advantages over Quadcopters for surveillance:

  1. Because of birdlike look they are easily camouflaged
  2. They are less noisy
  3. Because of light weight they will not hurt people if they drop in a crowd


Some uses are:

  1. Pesticide Spraying
  2. Radiation Measurement
  3. Photographing Hazardous Areas
  4. Bird Scare on Fields and Airports
  5. Toys