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Our Logo | IKAN

Our Logo


Our logo is derived from the deep rooted convictions and motivations for the endeavour that we have embarked upon. It represents two infinities (∞) placed together diagonally. It stands for the fact that in the face of infinite problems with infinite potential solutions we can deliver upon goals by identifying and implementing the best one, every time.

The IKAN logo form:

  • Resembles a butterfly, a flower and the path of electrons in an atom. This is meant to convey that we evaluate problems at multiple levels both macro and micro and find elegant solutions.
  • Resembles the numbers 8 and 2 bound together. This represents the amazing bonding between the batch mates of the class that joined the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 1982, who have come together for this initiative. This bonding goes beyond the material and finite realm to yield something that is far beyond the summation of the individuals.

The name IKAN:

  • Affirms the confidence of every IKAN member to put up the hand and say, ”I can” in their domain of expertise.
  • States that IIT Kanpur can.
  • Asserts that India can.
  • Proclaims that an infinite noble intent can.

The logo has been designed by Rupal Chauhan (whitepoint.nl)