Real Estate


by Ajit Dass

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT now is about building premium yet accessible housing for every segment in India.

Developers must seek to design homes with comfort in mind and they must embody passion, sensitivity and eco-friendliness.

To achieve this, homes and work places must be envisioned not just with intellect but also with care. So before going about designing with logic, take a tour of your customer’s heart and their feelings. In other words, become them. Preoccupy yourselves with their wishes, habits, needs and aspirations. Make your ultimate motive to know your customer so well, that you are able to predict their needs even before they feel them. Ask yourself, “Would I love to be in this building?’’ If the answer is anything less than a hundred percent ‘yes’, then go back to the drawing board and work until the final product is a place of your dreams, and your customer.

“To be a leader, let your work serve as a message to the world that we must all strive to become better.” – Ajit Dass

Luxury does not begin with an imposing marble stairway or a cold, carpeted lobby. Luxury is also thoughtful touches to garnish properties with. Little touches that make all the difference to the way you live.

Appreciate your sensitivity towards guests. Put a café, within a complex, where you can entertain people.

Understand those moments when you need the Internet or printouts or need to have a quick meeting with some business partners. Put a cyber café within a complex.

Understand the delicate situations around accommodating guests at home. Plan on luxuriously appointed guestrooms, and even a banquet hall for larger celebrations that residents may wish to host.

Think of making the lives of your customers more convenient. Provide an impressive front office. One managed by none other than a qualified hostess. Whether it is answering phone calls, attending to guests, running errands, controlling the security or promoting a feeling of community, a concierge would do all of that and more.

Provide a gym, sauna, jacuzzi and even a mini theatre for people to taste a high life and fulfill their aspirations.

Understand how busy people are these days. Take extra care to ensure that certain jobs happen smoothly, as if by magic. Put in place mechanisms for getting laundry done, spaces vacuumed, garbage disposed, bills paid, cars cleaned, and doctor called.

In case customers wish to move in without any hassle, provide an option for fully furnished and equipped flats that match the standards of serviced apartments. People are aspiring for an international lifestyle.

Understand the culture to discuss pressing matters over steaming coffee. Just a trip down the elevator should ensure you have the perfect ambience to conduct your meetings. High speed Internet, a sleek coffee bar, and a barista at your service, and you have given the two most important ingredients for productive work: silence and time.

For the well informed, keep a well-stocked library with international magazines and famous novels.

Now that you have a blue print for a dream project, get in touch with us so that we can plan it for you.