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RFID & IOT Consultancy | IKAN

RFID & IOT Consultancy

An asset tracking system is becoming a norm rather than an exception for a modern manufacturing facility or any facility that has high value assets. A tracking system is used for the observing of persons or objects on the move and supplying a timely ordered sequence of respective location and related data to a central database based on which management information reports can be generated.

A tracking system will make managing a facility more efficient and will also yield new insights. We aim to recommend a robust future ready tracking solution that is cost efficient and which can be deployed with minimal disruption of existing processes.

A) We first evaluate tracking system options for auto tracking of assets at the facility.

This will include basic field testing of hardware. For software we will provide the data heads that will be made available to the existing ERP system for further processing.

The evaluation will cover:

a. Completeness and Robustness of the solution. b. Information security of the solution. c. Future readiness of the solution. d. Safety related aspects of the solution. e. Minimal or acceptable level of impact on existing operations of the facility. e. Trainability of work force to use the system. f. Cost efficiency of the system.

We propose to evaluate technologies that can track assets in the least possible obtrusive manner that will at the same time add value to you. We practically test at the your premises the tracking technologies:

B) We recommend an Auto ID tracking system solution based on the outcome of the evaluations.

These recommendations will be detailed to the extent of specifications of the hardware but will not include vendor identification. They will include the details of the mechanism as follows:

  1. Proposing tracking software to integrate with the existing ERP system of the facility and its costs.
  2. Designing of Architecture of the system with enumeration of the hardware and its costs.
  3. Devising a smooth operative mechanism for the technology chosen keeping in mind least obtrusiveness.

C) We build a minimal scale proof of concept version.

This will include the key elements of the recommended solution to show its functionality and capability with respect to the following:

  1. Hardware and Software.
  2. Human Acceptance and possibility of sensitization.