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Sanjay Karkhanis


Sanjay Karkhanis

Sanjay Karkhanis

Director, Samarth Magna Group of Industries


Sanjay has expertise in foundry defect diagnosis & remedies for core related problems and solidification simulation and its application in methoding in foundry industry. He also advises on thermal and mechanical reclamation of waste foundry sand to make the foundry industry ecofriendly. Sanjay worked for 8 years in Foseco India Ltd. in product development and product application areas. He was instrumental in developing indigenous ceramic foam filters. Later Sanjay started his own business of manufacture of resin coated sands, foundry fluxes, exothermic sleeves. The business has 5 product lines spread over 8 units. His current primary functions are developing and augmenting products and building a core competency edge.

City: Sanjay lives in Kolhapur, India

Languages: He is fluent in Hindi, Marathi and English


Foundry Defect diagnosis and remedies

Thermal and mechanical reclamation of waste

Solidification simulation


B.Tech, Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Kanpur