Start-up Consultancy

With our vast network and expertise in diverse fields we are able to support start-ups with access to the crucial 3 Ms – Money, Markets, and Mentoring.

We offer the following much needed services for start-ups:

1. Mentoring access

We offer mentoring access through technical and managerial consultancy in domains that include product design, technology strategy, marketing strategy, communications strategy, financial management, overall evaluation of the solution and performing field tests at the cost of the start-up for feedback, identifying gaps by our team of experts and recommending solutions. This is done for a mutually agreed period in exchange for mutually agreed share in your corporate entity.

2. Money access

We offer access to risk funding such as Angel Investment, Venture Capital, Private Equity in exchange for mutually agreed share in your corporate entity.

3. Market access

We offer market access through sustainable orders for your products on a revenue sharing basis.

In case you wish to explore possibilities with us, we would like to know more about your start-up, its products and services, and your needs, in order to identify potential synergies between us.

This can be followed up with face to face meetings to discuss possible roles for IKAN and other terms of engagement.